Walks near Vernet-les-Bains and to Canigou

WALK DESCRIPTIONS (in English and French)
(and other walks in Conflent)

The following documents are all in pdf format.
In each document, the translation in English is followed by the original "fiche rando" in French, which contains a sketch map of the route.

* The original descriptions (in French) are also on the tourist office website here : www.tourisme-canigou.com

Conflent base map

Walks in the Cady valley from Vernet-les-Bains and Corneilla-de-Conflent

(a) Walks from Vernet-les-Bains

Walks from Vernet map

01 - A circuit in the Cady valley: pdf gpx

05 - High above the villages: pdf gpx

06 - The Cogolló circuit via the Resistance monument: pdf gpx

08 - The Pic de l'Alzina via the Winter Garden: pdf gpx

09 - The “Belle Epoque” circuit: pdf gpx

10 - The Pic de la Pena circuit: pdf gpx

11 - The Tour de Goa circuit: pdf gpx

12 - The Badabanys towers: pdf gpx

13 - The figure-of-eight walk: pdf gpx

And see elsewhere on this website:

14 - Vernet - Sahorre

15 - Vernet-Fuilla

16 - The Tour de Goa (via Casteil)

17 - The waterfalls

(b) Walks from Corneilla-de-Conflent

Walks from Corneilla map

Walks from and near Casteil

Walks from and near Casteil map

Walks to Cortalets Refuge and to the Pic du Canigó

Walks to Cortalets Refuge and the Pic du Canigó map

Walks from Sahorre, Escaro and Fuilla

Walks from Sahorre, Escaro and Fuilla map

Walks from Py and Mantet

Walks from Py and Mantet map

Walks from Villefranche, Ria and Prades

Walks from Villefranche and Ria map

Walks from and near Taurinya, Codalet and Clara

Walks from Taurinya, Codalet and Clara map

Walks from and near Fontpédrouse, Thuès-entre-Valls (Carança)and Nyer

Walks from Fontpédrouse Thuès and Carança map

Walks near Mosset and near Nohèdes

Walks from Mosset and Nohèdes map

Walks from Evol, Olette, Jujols, Joncet and Nyer

Walks from Evol, Olette and Jujols map

Walks from Prades, Molitg-les-Bains, Catllar, Eus, Arboussols and Marquixanes

Walks from Catllar, Eus and Arboussols map

Walks from Vinça, Marquixanes, Finestret and Estoher

Walks from Vinça, Finestret and Estoher map

Walks from Baillestavy

Walks from Baillestavy map