Walks near Vernet-les-Bains and to Canigou


11 hours;  climb: 1650m

A route to Canigou which passes through wonderful, rugged mountain country. Many walkers allow two days to complete this excursion, staying the night at Marialles on the way up.
(It should be noted that, in August 2022, an unforeseen landslide in the Canigou "cheminée" area occurred during a mountain race. Five runners were injured, one seriously. The "cheminée" has since been cleared. This type of event is rare in the Canigou massif, but following its occurrence this alert was issued by the "Secours en montagne 66 - CRS Pyrenees" service: "Don't forget that you are in the mountains where risks have been reinforced by the high temperatures we are experiencing. Even if access is not forbidden, please be especially careful and vigilant".)

Canigou (Jou - Mariailles)


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